Bronte Appreciation Post!

Jane Eyre has inspired me to read more about the Brontes, and once in, I have a feeling I’ll be staying on this part of the internet for a while. (Just an important side note: to mention how absolutely grateful this generation are to have such an enormous quantity of information at our disposal). So this post is about me… talking about The Brontes 🙂

And yes, this is a short post of me just talking about the Brontes and how inspiring they are to me, after all the research I have now done on them. I found it so beautiful that they invented their own two worlds with all their characters and everything. To me, that is so beautiful, and I love how the Brontes refused to shed this creativity and originality even when ploughing through adulthood, even if it meant sticking out significantly in contrast to the rest of society (although I understand they did use pen names).

The first Bronte book I started was Wuthering Heights, over a year back, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t understand it. I couldn’t read into any of the deeper meanings and didn’t research any of them either. I gave up half way through, and felt incredibly dissatisfied. I realised that perhaps the Bronte world wasn’t for me, at least not for some while, so I quitted this era of books after so recently delving into them.

Now, over a year later, I read my first Bronte book – fully – and absolutely loved it. Jane Eyre is of course not by the same author, but I’m so excited to read more of the Bronte books, and more of the books from this genre which I only just began exploring over a year ago, with my good friend Hannah, where we both formed a book club with some other girls and we read Pride and Prejudice.

One site I found really interesting to read more about the Brontes and their books was this one, so if you’re also interested in further reading, I would recommend going to that site. Also, if you have any sites you’d recommend for me to read, please do let me know! Also, what Bronte book do you think I should read next?

10 thoughts on “Bronte Appreciation Post!”

  1. I know how you feel! I started reading Wuthering Heights last summer and literally didn’t understand anything 😂😂😂 the language was toooo old and the story was just really weird and I couldn’t connect at all!!

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  2. I’ve only read Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights but I’ve always wanted to get back into the Bronte books and read one of Anne’s books. And while I absolutely loved Wuthering Heights I totally get why people don’t like it or get confused by it.

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  3. Yes, I also want to read some of Anne’s books. I’m currently organising a summer book club so we’re going to try and involve one of Anne’s books and so hopefully I get to some more Bronte books this summer!

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