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folk of air book tag

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Today I’m doing a super fun tag which I was kindly tagged by my two of my favourite bloggers: Kaya and Blogger Books, totally go check out their blogs.

#1 Tag the original creator! Sandra @Starryskybooks!

#2 Read The Cruel Prince first!

#3 Answer all the questions and tag at least three other bloggers!

Jude: A Character Who Would Probably Kill You In Your Sleep

ANY character from the Six of Crows crew. Most likely Kaz Brekker or Inej. My chance for survival is approximately 0.0% if they’re out to get me, and I probably would’ve already arranged and paid for my funeral.

Cardan: a character who seems like a bad guy but is ultimately more complex than you thought

This is probably cheating but Cardan! I’ve never been more conflicted about a character, at least to my memory. I was so convinced of him being what I thought he was in The Wicked King, but then the ending just kind of destroyed me and I realised just how complicated this actually is. Oh my gosh.

Locke: a character (or plot twist) that made you want to throw the book

I’m going to be standard and go for the Alleigant ending because I don’t think I was ever more upset about an ending. Whether it’s because I was younger then and wasn’t used to tragedy… who knows lol.

Taryn: a character who deceived you

Celaena from Throne of Glass, right off the bat. I don’t want to say anything more for spoilery reasons but those of you who haven’t read the series yet but intend for you too… you are in for one hell of a rollercoaster.

Vivi: a book that was significantly different from the others in its series

Rilla of Ingleside is so significantly different to the other books in the Anne of Green Gables. It’s actually my least favourite book in the series, even though I gave it five stars (because Anne of Green Gables book – duh!) because I found it so much darker and really didn’t like the ending of some things…

Valerian: a character who just needs to die (or, you know, stabbed)

Hilly from The Help. Might be a bit harsh, but she’s a real brat, to put it in PG terms.

Oak: a smol character you would protect at all costs

Honestly any baby in any book, because I love all babies.

The Cruel Prince: a book that surprised you with a twist

LIFEL1K3!!! Basically tore my heart out.

The Wicked King: a book you thought was better than the first in the series

Although I absolutely love Six of Crows with all my heart, Crooked Kingdom I enjoyed a lot more – although they’re both amazing and brilliant and one of my favourite books ever.

The Queen of Nothing: a book you’re excited for but know nothing about

THIS VERY BOOK!!!!! Argh I have no idea what to expect but I’m bouncing off the walls in excitement because the stakes have risen considerably, and ohhhh it’s going to be a very smart, very crafty book, I can FEEL it.

Well that’s the end of this epic tag! I tag (no pressure to anyone): Angelica, Sahi, Cait

11 thoughts on “folk of air book tag”

  1. Thanks for the tag!! I’m so excited to get to this one! And Alleigant definitely deserves to go there. I remember reading it and when ‘the thing’ happened, I literally closed the book and walked away for like a half hour before going back to it. I just sat in my living room doing nothing, processing what I’d just read lol

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  2. So happy you did the tag and thanks so much for tagging my review! I love your answers: the first one is EXACTLY how I feel as well and it’s just the perfect fit. Cardan really is THE character which I can’t really put into the box “good” or “bad” because I literally couldn’t predict any of his actions or behavior and I think that’s a really good sign for Holly Black’s great writing style. I’m also really excited for Queen of Nothing and where it comes to Celaena, I’m soooo excited as I’m currently reading the second book!!!

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  3. You’re welcome!! Ahh yes. OH MY GOSHHH girllllll you are in for a treat! Enjoy the Throne of Glass series – take your time – I regret rushing and binge-reading it all in one go 2 summers ago.

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