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Books I Wish Were LONGER!

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to be talking about something I saw whilst blog-hopping. I don’t feel like I’ll need to explain myself too much because my readers are bookworms, and I’m sure we all know the feeling mixed with happiness and regret when finishing a favourite book.

Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom

Do not act surprised! If you’ve been following this blog for even a kind of short time you’d probably know that Six of Crows is one of my favourite books of all-time and I was just fangirling 90% of the time I was reading this duology – but hey, I know I’m not the only one.

The characters in this book are what make this book. Without it, it would be a nothing. Reading this book made me feel like I actually had a social life because I was hanging out with such cool people and it made me feel so much better about myself, you know? Just me? Okay…


That ending ENDED me!!! I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to fry someone’s insides like this book fried mine. I was actually so flabbergasted when I finished this book, I LITERALLY just sat there with my mouth hanging open for a good 10 seconds before my senses kicked in and I realised everyone in the room was staring at me with a little bit of concern.

So yeah, I needed more. I need more. Why do I have to wait until MAY?!

The Lunar Chronicles

Yes, there are loads of books on this series but I miss the characters, okay? I love the relationship they all have with each other, so the reason I want more books on this is similar to Six of Crows. I just love the cast and I think they’re also so special and important and together it’s always entertaining and amusing to read about them.

The Help

This is also because of the characters. I love Aibileen, Minny and Skeeter, and although the book ended on such an important and suiting note, I do wish there was a second book, because the fate of these two women isn’t too clearly marked out and I would love to know where their future goes, especially Skeeter’s.

Ready Player One

The book did end on SUCH a good note, but I’m also really interested to see what the characters do with their lives, although we are already given a pretty good hint.

Anyway, so these are some of the ebooks I wish were longer. Let me know what yours are! Speak soon 🙂

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