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Jane Eyre

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Rating: 5/5 stars

It is funny, but I only realised after having finished reading it, that this is the first Bronte book I have finished. I had started, strangely enough, Villette (now, after more research, I have realised this probably wasn’t the best first choice) a year back, which was the first bronte book for me to start, and I stopped after a while, very much bored. Then, a few months later, I got halfway through Wuthering Heights, after labouring through it for a whole month, and then gave up. Then almost a year later, I have picked up Jane Eyre and devoured the majority of it within two days.

Jane Eyre has inspired me to read more about the Brontes, and their lives, as this book has touched me in so many ways I never thought possible. At one point I was actually so genuinely distraught I had to take a break and just cry and be like “Jane, don’t!” But she didn’t listen to me. I love this book very much, it is definitely one of my favourite books of all-time, and I am glad that it was such a success upon publication, because this is a book fully worthy of such a success. 

I loved it. I was kept absolutely hooked by the characters and the events that unfold throughout, everything felt so completely realistic. I cried and laughed and actually gasped as I flew through the pages. I found Jane to be an intriguing and fascinating character and I throughly enjoyed reading and learning more about her as she faced the trials that life does bring on us all. I love how she so ardently strove to accomplish what she strongly believed to be right, no matter what the consequences may be on herself or others. I loved her strong sense of justice. I found it fascinating to witness the development of her character, from a passionate ten-year-old, to a fully grown woman.

Although the ending wasn’t completely satisfactory to me, considering the state of the person involved, I understand it from Jane’s point of view, and am glad and happy for her that she was able to return to what she had so ardently wished for before, on terms that satisfied her strict, yet very right, sense of morals, although I did wish (keyword) she had had mercy and just gone with it from the beginning (although now that I come back to this review, I understand agree with her).

I am interested to delve deeper into the analysis of this book, and shall be watching the BBC’s secret life of books episode on it, and am curious to see how this deeper insight may change my views of this book. It is also interesting to note that the narrator of the show starts with talking about how she read it at my current age, and how she is now looking back it, years later, and having much different thoughts to it than she previously had, as a teen.

I was not going to publish this until I had watched the documentary in case it ended up pretty much revolutionising my ideas on it because 15 minutes in my ideas about the books had already begun changing, however since 16 days later I have still not watched it, I figured that I might always publish this now and if my thoughts about it had completely changed, do an updated review.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this book, and what you think about my review. Speak soon 🙂

16 thoughts on “Jane Eyre”

  1. Great review! I also started reading Wuthering Heights last summer, but also stopped halfway through because I’m not a huge fan of the old writing style and I couldn’t really connect with the story! However, now that you loved this book and also DNF Wuthering Heights, I’m ready to give it a shot as well! 🤪🤪

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  2. I’m so glad you loved this book! It’s one of my favorite classic novels and Jane is my favorite classic heroine ever.

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  3. As far as classics go, I have to recommend The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. It’s a play and another one of my favorites. It’s so funny! 😊

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  4. Awesome review! 😀 I read Jane Eyre a few years ago and found it exactly as you did. I really loved this book and learnt so much from Jane. I had previously read Wuthering Heights, which I struggled to get through, so was reluctant to read another novel written by another Brontë sister. However, I streamed through the book and have to agree with you in that it has to be one of my favourite books of all time. Great review and love hearing your insights!

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  5. Thank you! 🙂 That’s so great that we both had the same experience! It was honestly so amazing and I definitely want to reread it this summer because I feel like before I was a bit more concentrated on the plot and on my reread I’m going to focus more on the dialogue – because I’ve seen so many lovely quotes I can not remember 😂 What would you recommend me to read after Jane Eyre, as in the next classic/Bronte book? 🙂


  6. Hello again, I have heard that Shirley by Charlotte Brontë is quite good but am yet to read it. My other favorite classics that I have read would probably have to be Great Expectations, Little Women and Pride and Prejudice. I would love to read Vanity Fair too, after watching the TV series which was soooo goood. 😄😉 Hope this helps.

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  7. Hello, ooh thank you! And thanks for letting me know about the TV show, I’m really enjoying Anne with an E at the moment so I think I’ll try that after too 😊


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