WWW Wednesday

A late WWW Wednesday post, indeed! At least for me, depends on where everyone else is in the world right now. Either way, I hope you’ve all had or are having a fabulous Wednesday, and that you’re not completely disintegrating mid-week because *cough* I totally am not *cough*. Anyways, on to books!

What are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading Musa and the Blade (still, because I’m a slow reader and because it’s on a pdf on my laptop so I often forget to read it!), Animal Farm (for the thousandth time) and A Reaper at the Gates! I told myself I wouldn’t start a book until I’d finished a book which I accepted from an author, and it’s definitely not that Musa and the Blade is boring and that I’m not liking it, it’s just that I’m a major mood reader and that everything I read is dependent upon what mood I’m in, which is rather sad if I’m honest. Anyways, I’m really loving A Reaper at the Gates at the moment and I think I’m going to do a first-impressions post sometimes soon if my heart does not split into a gazillion pieces until then (which there is a fair chance of happening).

What do you want to read next?

If you saw my last post, which was a Library Haul, you can probably guess it’s one of those, which is correct. I’m not sure which because as I mentioned before, I’m a serious mood reader, but I’m thinking Persuasion by Jane Austen!

What have you recently read?

Jane Eyre!!!! I’m not going to say anymore because there is a review coming shortly and once I start there is a danger of me never stopping. So keep your eyes peeled for that review! I’ve kind of pretty much finished it but I’m doing further research on the book and I don’t want to publish it until I’ve finished watching a documentary I’m watching because my views on it might change and then you might end up with two confusing reviews.

So that is my Wednesday reading update! How’s your reading going? Speak soon 🙂

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