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Queen of Air and Darkness *spoiler-free*

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I was going to give this book one star. I was so disappointed with it most of the way through, and it felt like the same as the other two books except much, much longer and therefore more drawn-out and therefore more boring.

However, as I read on the book turned out to have a few charms to it that the other books lacked, that I genuinely loved and enjoyed reading, and that I was very surprised to find that I was absolutely loving it for that time.

Part 1 of this book was not very well done, thus my disappointment. Literally at the very beginning of part 2 everything became a thousand times more interesting and I was so intrigued and invested into the story. As soon as that part of the story had ended, though, I felt that the book had been plunged back into disinterest for me.

However, the presence of my favoured TMI characters – Clary, Jace, Magnus, Alec, Isabelle, Simon – made this book so much better for me, and allowed me to overlook many flaws in my rating.

A lot of the time in this book I was left frustrated and annoyed and bored, but there were also some moments where I was completely blown away. And despite that, the ending absolutely shattered me, and I cannot WAIT until the next series, and hope to death it won’t be another anti-climax like with another incidence in this book concerning Clary which I will talk more about in my spoilery review.

As you may be able to tell I just finished the book right this second, and may still be excited from the ending, and once that wears off, perhaps I will be more inclined to remember all of the disappointments I had about this book as well, and perhaps that will result in the lowering of my rating.

For now, there was some banter that I really loved, even though a large majority I personally found un-funny and rather unsuccessful in its attempts. But anyway, I think 2.5/5 stars is accurate of my feelings right now!

What are your thoughts on this book?

10 thoughts on “Queen of Air and Darkness *spoiler-free*”

  1. Okay don’t kill me but I’ve never been able to read the TMI books. :1 And this review strengthens my vow to never touch them despite many recommendations from friends. Which TMI book do you think I can read to become a passionate fan – if there is any? Because honestly, this is one fandom I really do want to join.

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  2. I get it, really. Plus, the physical romance is very off-putting to me and I have to skip it. Honestly they’re all one and the same. if you can’t cope with one you’re unlikely to cope with the others. there’s a lot of recycling of characters and plots. I just really like the TMI characters


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