January Wrap-Up

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog. First of all, let’s freak out about how ridiculous it is that it’s February already. Like EXCUSE ME. Second of all, let’s freak out about how I ended up reading 6 books this month, which is ridiculous for me. Soo let’s get into talking about them!

Lady Midnight

Spoiler-free and spoilery review // This was the first book I finished in January and I had actually mostly finished it in December. In fact, I finished it on the morning of the 1st January and then I went onto Goodreads to find that I was unable to update my reading status.

It’s fixed now, but there was clearly some Goodreads glitch that happened while Goodreads was setting the 2019 goals. As ridiculous as it may sound, it gave me actual anxiety I couldn’t update my reading status, which makes me concerned. I rated it 2.5 stars.

The Lost Sisters

I was about to start The Wicked King but then I realised I should probably read book 1.5 because maybe it contains some super important information that I must not miss? So obviously I couldn’t miss that.

It definitely contains some extremely interesting information regarding Taryn’s situation, and definitely provides some necessary context, so I would recommend reading that, however you would be able to do without it. I rated it 4 stars.

The Wicked King

First-impressions and spoiler-free review // This book sucked me in like a tornado and spat me out in shreds. It ripped me apart inside out. It is a wickedly intriguing, shocking, heart-breaking book and the ending left me gasping for air. How I’m supposed to wait for the third book I don’t know but I know it’s going to be damn hard. I rated this 5 stars.


First-impressions post // I’m doing this British Novels literature course alongside my normal studies, and we’re currently doing Frankenstein. I didn’t do a review on it, because I did not feel worthy of being able to review such a masterpiece of a book, unless I’d studied this for at least 2 years.

It is so magnificent, I could hardly do it justice. However, I did do a first-impressions post talking about how much it surprised me. I rated it five stars.

Lord of Shadows

Spoiler-free and spoilery review // I’m really not going to get into this. I had so many thoughts on this I made two enormous posts on it, so go ahead and check it out if you’re interested. I rated it 2 stars.

Manga Classics: Les Miserables

I really enjoyed reading this. It summed up the story really well, and I thought the art was very well done. It was a good read, if not a very sad one, but it gave me a good idea of what the original book is about, as I doubt I will ever pick it up. It actually felt me feeling pretty depressed, if I’m honest. 

However, I felt with Cosette there wasn’t much character change or personality change to which when she was younger and older, so it felt less realistic. I also felt that with all the plot twists in the book, everything flew by a bit too fast to comprehend.

Saying that, I think the art portrays the society and feels of the time very accurately, and I felt the dialogue was realistic for the century. It’s great for people who are interested in the story but not so interested in reading the original French version! I rated it 3 stars.

So that is January wrapped up for me, in books! Overall, I didn’t realise how mixed a reading month it was for me. I had 2 iffy books, 2 fabulous books, and then one book in the middle! Whether this is a sign for the rest of 2019, I don’t know lol. Let me know what you read in January! Speak soon 🙂

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