Ringing in the New Year Book Tag

Hi. Yes you’ve probably seen the title and is wondering what is wrong with me. The truth is, there’s a lot going on. I got tagged this by the lovely Meghan around a month ago, so I’m really just a month late guys! 🙂

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Queen of Air and Darkness *spoilery* – Part 3

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Rating: 2/5 stars

I hoped for this to be the last part but it’s now confirmed that I definitely have too much to say for my own good and that shall not be entertained due to problems that consist of simply going on a tangent (but hey, what else are blogs for?).

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Favourite Classics

Hey everyone, and welcome back to my tiny blog. If you’ve been following me for a long, long, loongggg time (don’t worry I don’t expect that much of you lol) you’d know that there was a whole phase where I was just obsessed with classics. It was during my Anne of Green Gables obsession. So as a result, I read loads of classics, and I wanted to share some of my favourites in this post, so please let me know what you think of them.

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