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Mermaids are Real

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DNF-ed // Published: 2018

*thank you to the author for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a free review*

There is nothing outright wrong with this book – the writing is good, the characterisation is good, and the plot is good. In the right hands, this book will be an absolute favourite for many people, I’m sure.

It’s just that unfortunately, it’s not for me. Although the book is said to be a Young Adult fantasy, I personally feel like it’s geared more towards a Middle Grade fantasy, due to the writing style and the dialogue between the characters.

I feel like the book contains too much details, dialogue and banter, the majority of which I feel may be unnecessary to the overall plot. I know I may be alone on this, as this was the same with me when reading Cassandra Clare’s books, that personally I dislike the unnecessary details, but I understand how other people would like them in providing more life to the characters.

The banter personally was not for me, mainly because I felt it sounded more as if the characters were a lot younger than they were, which is what makes me feel like it may be more suited to the term “middle grade fantasy” than young adult fantasy.

The world created was one that was rich and colourful, however the humour and banter between the sea-creatures and Benji was personally not for me and not to my taste, but something that I definitely feel like younger readers would thoroughly enjoy.

This book has a huge amount of potential, and has all the elements of a very good fantasy book, and as previously mentioned, in the right hands I’m sure many people will enjoy it and love it, as you can see from the Goodreads page which is bursting with high praise. Sadly, it wasn’t for me, but if you love underwater adventures told with a humorous narrative, you’re sure to love this one!

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