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My Goodreads’ Year in Books 2018

Hey everyone, I thought I’d share my Goodreads’ Year in Books with you all because I know not all of you follow me on Goodreads, and I think it would be interesting to go through it and talk about it.

I did not think I’d get to 70 books, but I did! My original goal was 100 books but I realised pretty quickly that was a bit too ambitious. Naturally, Kingdom of Ash hit my longest book of the year – and book by Veronica Roth that served as a little epilogue to the Divergent trilogy as my shortest (I ended up giving it one star).

Both of my most popular and least popular books in 2018 were ones that I read for various English courses. Is 3.9 stars a pretty high average rating? It could reflect on the fact that I rate books highly, or that I simply just finish good books.

It’s one of the first reviews on my blog and so much more different in style, writing and even formatting to my recent posts! So it’s extremely weird reading it now!
I also feel like my taste in books has changed SO MUCH since this time last year

Still one of the first reviews on my blog! See it here.

(Was Edenbrooke, is currently Snow Like Ashes because I finished it yesterday!)

Well, that’s my little sum-up of my Goodreads’ Year in Books! Please feel free to share yours with me 🙂 Speak soon!

11 thoughts on “My Goodreads’ Year in Books 2018”

  1. Thank you!! Honestly my reading this year feels like zero in comparison to other awesome bookworms out there who are rocking over a 100 or 200 books😂 How did your goal go??

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  2. Thank you!! Aw I’m sorry for that, but honestly, well done for reading in general! Sometimes it can be sooo hard to pick up a book when life is just a whirlwind! I hope you complete next year’s 🙂


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