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First-Impressions: Daughter of a Pirate King

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I’ve been meaning to read this for a while, and I’m currently 20% through and sort of considering DNF-ing it? 

I really don’t like the way the story is narrated, and I don’t like the way Alosa’s apparently “badass” nature is portrayed. I love badass but if it isn’t done properly it sounds more obnoxious than anything else.

This author is doing a lot of show but not much tell. Sure, Alosa’s killed a bunch of pirates, stole a key, etc. But I hate the way she brags about it, her bragging makes it seem like it’s more effort involved. If there was less bragging, it would be more effective because I would get the impression that she’s so used to it and it’s so easy for her it’s hardly a big deal. 

Her thought process for things can get so annoying. The way she thinks and then goes to the point to give the impression of her smartness or ingenuity may be a technique on the author’s hand to emphasise on how amazing she is, but for me it just came off as irritating. 

The tone also seems so much younger. She’s seventeen years old but I swear she ends up reminding me more of an eleven year old boy I know particularly well. Because of that, the dialogue also seemed super unrealistic to me. This girl is apparently such a skilled and badass person, and yet she speaks like a sassy eleven year old.  The same for the captain.

So yeah. I’m not sure whether I’m going to keep pushing through or should just DNF this. Let me know what you think and your thoughts on this book in general! Speak soon πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “First-Impressions: Daughter of a Pirate King”

  1. I read the first book completely and honestly it isn’t worth it. I’m seeing if the 2nd book is any better, but you won’t be missing much from the book if you do consider DNF’ING the book

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  2. Oh my stars, that is THE WORST. I’m all for the awesome female characters but you’ve gotta show us! I haven’t read this one yet but I also heard that this becomes romance focused? Which sounds really annoying coupled with the fact that the main character is already a terrible example of feminism. Lol, I hope that you enjoy it though if you do go on!!

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