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Title: Edenbrooke

Author: Julianne Donaldson

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

To say the least, this book was a surprise. I really and genuinely did not expect to enjoy this so much and it kind of has me questioning my reading tastes, because romance?? even if it’s a clean romance…

Because that’s what it is! I, to be completely honest, did not even know this existed in books in the modern day world that are within the romance genre so I was naturally delighted and intrigued when I came across this, and consequently finished it within a day.

It is SUCH a sweet story I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fangirl or squeal over any bits because they were just SO SWEET and so cute I just cannot. In places where others may find it super cringe and basically cringe and cringe and… cringe – I didn’t? Which is weird because I’m usually the first to cringe. Maybe it isn’t as far on the cringe scale as some reviews may make it out to be (definitely a small amount of cringe but cmon it’s romance (never thought I’d be saying that) what can we expect). 

I finished it super fast, I read it in pretty much a day, I did start it the night before but I read the majority the next morning (yes! morning!). I don’t usually read in the morning but I woke up super early and so had some time on my hands to delve into this story. It was an exceptionally engaging read. 

Since it was like 5am I had to stifle a lot of laughter but overall it was a pleasant and entertaining reading experience! I LOVED the banter... it was just on point. predictable

Now onto some dislikes… I liked Marianne, but she was completely blind and this was very frustrating to read. I felt the author almost dragged it on for a bit too long because towards the end it was pretty unbearable and such a relief when she finally could see things clearly. I also didn’t really like the way her twin sister was done… I can’t pinpoint on it exactly but her character development was pretty jumpy. 

It was predictable! OK fine, with these types of books it might be expected to be predictable, but it was predictable in other stuff that aren’t expected to be predictable which I won’t go into details for spoilery reasons.

Also it reminded me of Pride and Prejudice A LOT. Literally the climax is so similar to this book, and also in so many other aspects. Of course the author did change it up a bit, but it is still pretty clear that the author may have taken a lot from that book, at least I saw it as that anyway. 

So that’s my review! It’s a bit surprising, I never thought I’d end up reading one of these kinds of books. But I love regency books in general, so it was nice and it was clean which was amazing literally I am so happy I cannot even fully express in words how happy I am.

What did you think about this book and do you reocmmend any other books by this author?

2 thoughts on “Edenbrooke”

  1. Yesss! Please do. would looovee to hear your thoughts! 🙂 You’re welcome – and thank you for informing me of my mistake 😂💞


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