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A RANT: First-Impressions: Lady Midnight

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I’m currently 50% through, and I know that first-impressions post should usually be done when you’re at the beginning of a book because it’s your first impressions, right?

But I genuinely had nothing to say for a good while other than this is so slow, and has anything actually happened other than Julian making pancakes one morning and then making bacon with burnt bits how Dru likes it the next? Or Emma going for a run, having nightmares, and randomly following Church out onto the beach where she meets Julian and they have an extremely awkward and not-at-all confusing conversation which leads to misunderstandings on both sides and even more awkwardness which is then brushed off at the earliest convenience?

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10 Bookish Confessions

Hey everyone! Sooo I decided to do this post because a) it’s fun and b) I really don’t want to do another top books that [blank] in 2018 post today because they can be somewhat stressful and c) I’ve done maths all morning so I’ve had enough of stress today, lol!

Enjoy, and tell me some of your bookish confessions!

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