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First Impressions : The Way of Kings

You guys know how much I love fantasy. I’m just obsessed. It’s basically 95% of my fictional reading and then the other 5% would make up historical-fiction and science fiction and that’s it I think.

I’ve been hearing about Brandon Sanderson’s books for so long now I feel ashamed this is the first time I’ve picked one up. But unfortunately, it isn’t a huge thumbs-up.

And I feel bad, because I know it’s not necessarily the book but more just myself because let me quickly sum this book from what I’ve gathered from the the first 50 pages of reading…which isn’t too much since it is in the end only 50 pages… but first-impressions count, right?

  • It’s long… yes, this is one long-ass book at 1007 freaking pages my goodness gracious – why cant you just divide it into two?? Length can be off-putting! 
  • It’s dense. It’s really dense. You have to have your eyeballs open at all times because something might just happen and if your mind slips for a millisecond you’re going to come back thinking “what on earth just happened”. This isn’t one of those books you can turn your brain off for a minute.
  • A lot of work has gone into this book. And I’m not about to undermine that with my own little post on my own little blog. It’s clear from the beginning a huge amount of work, planning, thought and passion have been put into this manuscript. 

Without a doubt, this book is a masterpiece. I know it from the reviews, I know it from the synopsis, I know it from what I’ve just read. But unfortunately, it just isn’t for me. Which sounds crazy, me being the fantasy-fanatic I am.

Maybe I need to wait a few more years. Or maybe I’m just an impatient reader. Either way, these are my thoughts on the first 50 pages which has resulted in me DNF-ing it (for now, at least) – let me know what you guys think about this book. Speak soon 🙂 

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