WWW Wednesday – 13 Nov

Hey everyone, and happy Wednesday! I have a Chemistry exam today, so wish me luck lol (yes, it’s a scheduled post). Quite a bit has happened reading wise, and I’m excited to talk with you all about it. You can also check out last week’s WWW Wednesday post here 🙂

What am I currently reading?

Literally not much progress here, other than an increase of a measly 4% with Children of Blood and Bone. This book really isn’t working for me at the moment (I don’t know why, I thought I was getting more into it?) and I’m kind of just forcing myself through because I bought this book and books are expensive. And money is precious. So yeah. I think I might DNF it soon though if things don’t look up…

What have I recently read?

I binge-read The Darkest Minds over the weekend. I absolutely loved it all the way through, but ended up giving it 2 stars. Stay tuned for my review (that comes out tomorrow!) to find out why… because I don’t want this post to become three thousand miles long.

What do I want to read next?

I was going to read Circe, but now I’ve realised it’s an adult book? So please let me know if you know whether it is or isn’t, because I’d rather not graduate to adult books juuuussttt yet (I value my youth y’know). So I’m not sure whether to read it or to not read it.

If not, I have Walk on Earth a Stranger borrowed from the library (and have had it for quite some time) and since it has such good reviews I think I might give it a go! Let me know what you all think of it.

And yeah! That’s basically my reading life right now. It isn’t the most action-packed at the moment, since exams haven’t been very kind to me. But whatever! It makes me enjoy reading even more when I get the chance for it. Let me know what books you guys are currently reading, what you’ve recently read, and what you want to read next – speak soon 🙂

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