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Best of Throne of Glass FAN ART!

Hey guys! Sooo I recently read the finale for Throne of Glass and that got me reminiscing on the past books, which got me scrolling through Pinterest looking at old quotes, which got me looking at fanart, which got me thinking WOW PEOPLE ARE TALENTED.

Today I’m going to be sharing some fan art which really struck me with suchhhhh sadness that this series is over! Of course, all credit goes to where it’s due, I didn’t make any of these and will link the pictures to their rightful (and extremely talented) owners.

Image result for throne of glass fanart

All credit goes to the artist.

This, I believe is, from left to right: Nehemia, Aelin, Manon.

I absolutely love the way the artist captured their expressions – and before I wasn’t really keen for Aelin looking like that, but now I can see it and I’m down for it, actually I think it really matches her personality. 

Image result for throne of glass fanart

All credit goes to the artist.

Can anyone guess who this is?! Manon!!

Oh my gosh I never imagined her to be like this but now I can’t see her without those golden eyes, that lovely white hair styled the way it is and those perfect freckles.

Fan art is literally so eye-opening and inspiring. This was so well done I’m in awe, there are really such incredibly talented people out there!

I love this artist in particular the way she draws her characters!

All credit goes to the artist.

This is ELIDE! To be honest I kind of struggled picturing Elide, I’m not sure why – I couldn’t remember whether she had blonde or brown or red or black or whatever hair and I wasn’t even sure if that had been mentioned.

But this picture is perfect in recreating Elide and is it just me but the way she looks in this picture screams her personality just so perfectly??

Am I making any sense? It’s just gorgeous ok. I love it. I love all these pictures. These are so well done. This is totally Elide!!


Image result for throne of glass fanart

All credit goes to the artist. Can you guess who this is?? To be honest, I couldn’t. It’s Nehemia!

And honestly, YES YES YES. This IS Nehemia! It’s perfect, like all these other pictures. Now I can’t think of Nehemia without thinking of her like this.

It’s so well done. I love the details. I love her hair. I love her eyes. I love her jewellery. I love the way she tilts her head. Oh my goshhh she looks like a literal goddess. 



A Court of Glass and Midnight - charliebowater: Fresh work in progress! This was...
All credit goes to the artist

I LOVE ALL OF THESE SO MUCH! Which one is your favourite??

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