New to my TBR #4

Hey everyone! 

You may be seeing a bit more of these posts because this week alone I added OVER A HUNDRED new books to my TBR… I know. I actually have zero self-control when it comes to books but that’s… fine. Lol. 

This post is going to be a bit longer than my usual “New to my TBR” posts because like I said before – I went bonkers over all the new releases. Literally and completely. 

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DNF-ing “Stars Above” by Marissa Meyer

Hellooo everyone,

Now, The Lunar Chronicles are one of my most favourite series of all-time, and so naturally when I saw this at the library I knew I had to get it. 

What I was confronted with was pages and pages that increased my disappointment. How can these even be classified as short stories? I don’t think they are. 

In fact, they seemed to me, to simply just be snippets of things that happened in between the lines, and we don’t actually learn much (or anything) new – at least from before I stopped. 

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Scavenging Time to Read

Greetings, my fellow bookworms! 

I hope you all are well! So far there have been quite recent posts hitting my blog, but in all honesty, the majority of them were scheduled posts, because the truth is, if you hadn’t already gathered it, my life is a constant hurricane. If I’m not working I’m either eating or sleeping or talking to my family and friends who also (along with this blog!) demand that I don’t bury myself in textbooks all the time

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First-Impressions: Last Descendants

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So I saw this on OverDrive and for some weird reason I thought it was a graphic novel, so I thought “ooh this should be a super quick and fun read” so I borrowed it and was obviously surprised when I realised it was a full length novel.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while (or not) you know I don’t have that much patience when it comes to books… I’ll make my way through an average of three chapters most of the time and then realise this book is not for me.

I’m currently on the second chapter and I’m debating DNF-ing. There are several issues I already have with it, and although I read a review that said that the first three chapters are slow but then it gets really good, I’m not too sure.

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First Impressions : The Way of Kings

You guys know how much I love fantasy. I’m just obsessed. It’s basically 95% of my fictional reading and then the other 5% would make up historical-fiction and science fiction and that’s it I think.

I’ve been hearing about Brandon Sanderson’s books for so long now I feel ashamed this is the first time I’ve picked one up. But unfortunately, it isn’t a huge thumbs-up.

And I feel bad, because I know it’s not necessarily the book but more just myself because let me quickly sum this book from what I’ve gathered from the the first 50 pages of reading…which isn’t too much since it is in the end only 50 pages… but first-impressions count, right?

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Best of Throne of Glass QUOTES!

Ok, so it’s no secret I LOVE this series – despite a few cons I talk about here. But there is one thing that I think a lot of us can agree upon – some of the quotes in this series are just GOLD ok, SOLID GOLD. And what is better than a post sharing some of them? It was literally the nicest thing ever scrolling through Pinterest and reading them all!!

Reminiscing over the old Throne of Glass books… *sighhhh* they really call for a reread… desperately. But it will also be so, so sad because the series is over (see my Kingdom of Ash review here).

These are all from Pinterest, I didn’t make any of these – all credit to the rightful owners!

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