The Secret to Writing & My Writing Situation

Hello everyone!!

Now the past few months I’ve focused solely on reading books on this blog. Which is strange because I had initially intended for this blog to be about reading and writing. But the thing is, my writing had been slacking significantly so there wasn’t much I had to say about it…

In January I wrote this post. It has been a year, everyone, since I dropped my huge fantasy novel that I had invested hours on end of work every summer morning, where I’d roll out of bed, grab my notebook and laptop, plop down and type away. I put an endless amount a lot of  dedication and love into that manuscript.

But hey, if there’s one thing you need to know about writing, it’s that it is a learning progress.

I joined a creative writing course in September which will span the whole year, and it has really gotten my writing juices going, and I actually started this retelling story which I don’t think I’ll ever finish now.

But I recently read something about writing that really struck me.

Before I had never seen the point in writing everyday. I just didn’t because I knew I wouldn’t be working towards a final project so I thought it would be a waste of time? Which is EXTREMELY WRONG!! No. No. No! (I just realised this massive blunder).

But what I’ve know realised is writing is like a muscle. And the more you write, the stronger that muscle gets (this wasn’t in what I read by the way I’ve just put it like this). As I’m writing this I’m literally just realising how true this is. Why have I been so ignorant to this for so long??

What I read stressed on the emphasis of daily writing and keeping what you write because the ideas could struck a chord one day when you’re skimming through your old pieces of work and turn into an amazing book. Which is actually true because my initial fantasy story was inspired from a diary entry I had written two years before.

So as you can probably tell this has been a huge revelation which I hope transforms my previously nonexistent writing routine. I hope this has helped you in some way too! Please leave any writing tips you have in the comments I would be eternally grateful!

Speak soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Secret to Writing & My Writing Situation”

  1. So true, Ruqs! I’ve definitely learnt this over the past few years – writing consistently really is key! Not that I actually am that great at it lol… But it’s definitely a goal to work towards. 😉

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  2. Yes it is, I just find it hard to write everyday because usually once I start writing I can’t stop and I unfortunately have a lot of work to do!! Lol I think the idea of your blog is really good because it kind of forces you to write every week xD Yes definitely!

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