top 5 books that didn’t live up to the hype – 16 Oct

Hey everyone, and welcome back to another Top 5 Tuesday! I really like this topic because there do seem to be quite a lot of books that I find “didn’t live up to the hype” but then when it came to remembering the books for this topic I couldn’t?? So of course, I had to consult my trusty Goodreads for more answers. Anyways, here are my titles…


So obviously for the entire Hunger Games trilogy the hype was astronomic, but I found the third book not as awesome as the first two? Which is weird because it is probably the most action packed with loads of stuff going on which is something I usually like.

But it just felt really rushed throughout the whole thing and I really did not like the sudden change of Katniss (which made me dislike her) and the ending of the story felt pretty lukewarm to me. Which is really sad, but yeah.

Wuthering Heights

I almost feel like I’m not qualified to even say this (I probably am not in the sense of all the technical literary stuff that makes this book something people study and all… but in my opinion anyone with an opinion has a right to)… but I found this book so boring?!!

Actually, to be fair I DNF-ed like half-way through. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I just found it so boring and the fact that it isn’t the easiest to read increased that. But, I have no knowledge (other than the storyline) as to why people love this book so much (you know all the technical literary stuff) so maybe that’s why?

Maybe if I knew about it I could appreciate it. Well anyway, I’m doing a British Novels literature course this year and we’re covering this book so we’ll see!

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

I just found this book super weird and all the random maths… random? Plus the ending wasn’t amazing. It was a bit of an unpleasant story on the whole.

The Hobbit

I found this so boring!! To be honest I don’t really have much to say other than I found this really boring and was so shocked as to why this is so famous because it’s so boring but saying that I really enjoyed the movies. So.


I did a whole post about this here. But in short, I found this boring, I didn’t like Katsa, I disagreed with some of the things that happened in the book and on the whole I just felt extremely underwhelmed and disappointed.

What books have you read that didn’t live up to the hype for you? Do you agree with any of the books I’ve listed? Tell me your thoughts! Speak soon 🙂

12 thoughts on “top 5 books that didn’t live up to the hype – 16 Oct”

  1. I have the same opinion about The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Like halfway throught the mystery was solved and after that I felt they were just writing the book.

    Also saaaame. I didn’t like Mockingjay as much as the other two. Homestly after the 1st book I never understood anything.

    Great list!

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  2. No no no Katsa is NOT boring LOL But of course we all have our opinino and honestly with more than 5 books this week who am I to judge right?

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  3. LOL I found her so boring and I talk more about that in my review – she fell a bit flat for me as a character. Yep, we all do! Lol I’m not one to judge either 😂


  4. That’s exactly what I *almost* wished when I finished it. But it may have finished us all if we were left with so little of this – on the whole – amazing trilogy 🙂


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