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Should I Read Tower of Dawn?

Image result for tower of dawnSooo the title is a question but I’ve kind of already decided the answer?

Kingdom of Ash is going to be out in less than 3 weeks now and I better get my act together now if I want to read it, so I had to really think about it, do a bunch of research, and now I’ve (sort of) reached a conclusion… please let me know what you think, though!

I’m going to be really honest, the main thing keeping me from completing this series is the heavy romance which is just… really heavy. Even though I do skip it when it pops up.

But then I’ve got to thinking. Well, is that the only thing? Yes, it is. So what’s good about this series, then? Why have I liked it so much to read until Empire of Storms?

And I realised it was because of the friendships and the trust and the deep messages about dedication and love (not lust – and not for the opposite gender). That’s so important and it’s so brilliantly portrayed throughout this whole series. Calaena’s determination is so inspiring.

Also the banter. OH MY.  Plus all the complicated plots and twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat (at least I can vouch for the books before this one). The finale will no doubt be something spectacular – at least, I hope so? But from the length of it, and the time it’s taken… but then I guess we can just wait and see.

But if I want to take part in all that one final time, it means I need to go through this beast of a book, that is, according to many not a filler and that I cannot skip and that it provides essential information for the finale. Well.

I’ve already borrowed it on OverDrive so I don’t know why I’m still hesitating. I’ll try it. If I don’t like it (because I hate Chaol), then I’ll just read the summary and then plunge onto the next book, regardless of possibly lacking some vital information. If I like it, then I guess I should just probably tear through it as soon as possible. I probably won’t like it. 

But anyways, if you haven’t read Tower of Dawn yet, what are your thoughts? What do you think I should do? Are you considering reading it? Speak soon!

9 thoughts on “Should I Read Tower of Dawn?”

  1. Thank you! Yep lol it’s easy to get blinded by what you don’t like! Same, I think it’s because of the same reason why Aelin hated him so much… not to give any spoilers!

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  2. If it helps, I did not like Chaol going into this book. I was all “what the f***! I just want a continuation from EoS, not some stupid side story!” And I loved it. Tower of Dawn is possibly my second fave book to date in this series. Ok, probably more like third fave, but it’s good! I promise!

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  3. so I also was thinking that I need to get my act together and my friend read EOS and TOD and said that the romance is about 3-4 pages so I should just skip it and read it because some parts are too worth it. Like Elide meeting Calaena and the healer girl (forgot her name) finding out who Calaena is etc. So I guess I’m finally going to read it.

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