top 5 tropes I’ve had enough of – 9 Oct

well, last week’s top 5 Tuesday post was a bit tricky – but this one is just so easy! šŸ˜‚

the “you’re different” tropeĀ 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against people being different, not that I can doing anything about it anyway… but the whole children being told from a young age that they’re different to everyone else, people being told all their lives “butĀ you’reĀ different” and “butĀ you’reĀ special” and then the whole book being about them proving it… it’s just so typical and I’m so tired of it.

the “I’m so ready for this” trope

A princess who has lived all her life in luxury. Suddenly for the first time her life is in danger. And suddenly she’s hopping about like a warrior, managing to knock the attackerĀ unconsciousĀ and escape. How??? It’s so unrealistic and it’s so common. Yes, the princess can succeed, but how about at the end of the book and not the beginning?

the GORGEOUSĀ protagonistĀ 

They’re very plain. But also very gorgeous. Can we not have more protagonists that are not like a model but still loved and admired just the same and can accomplish just as much and more? Because a very small part of the population are models, and a very large part are not, and suddenly in so many books everyone is naturally stunning.

the hero who saved the worldĀ 

I don’t have anything against saving the world!! But under supremely unrealistic circumstances and by a group of teenagers I find that highly unlikely. Books like this are also sooo predictable and a bit of a bore. So please. More originalityĀ please. And if that’s going to happen please can the situation be made as realistic as possible.

badĀ person falls in love with good person and vice versa

I know I don’t usually comment on romanceĀ buuuutttĀ this happens all. the. time. And it’s gotten to the point where it’s just aĀ littleĀ annoying… so I would really appreciate it if author’s toned down a bit on this and found more original ways of going around this. It’s just so predictable and decreases my enjoyment of a perfectly good story! In Flame in the Mist I didn’t mind it because it was done very well – so I suppose it just depends on the way it’s done, too.

So yeah, those are my top 5 tropes I’ve had enough of! What are yours? Speak soon!

17 thoughts on “top 5 tropes I’ve had enough of – 9 Oct”

  1. IKR ITS UNREALISTIC (and probably pokes at peoples’ (including mine) insecurities). IKR AGAIN so unrealistic and so annoying I just want to punch a wall.

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  2. I always like books more when the main character just looks like a normal person. Or if they’ve got a beauty no-no, like overweight, and yet they’re gorgeous anyway. Either of those works for me.

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  3. I totally agree with the gorgeous protagonist. Itā€™s part of the reason I love The Last Namsara so much. Because Asha isnā€™t ā€œuglyā€ sheā€™s actually disfigured with a facial burn scar. And sheā€™s still amazing. You donā€™t have to be pretty to kick ass!
    And the suddenly amazing trope is awful!!!!!! That Mary-Sue character who is perfect at everything is so annoying!!!!! šŸ˜¤
    Ha! I thought I got it all out on my post, but it turns out there was still more to come!! Great list!! šŸ˜˜

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