Top 5 Characters I Would Not Bring Into a Haunted House

Hey everyone! Another Top 5 Tuesday has rolled around again and this week’s topic is particularly interesting! I have to admit this one is a bit hard. Also are we talking about a real haunted house or a fake one? Because I’m talking about a real one… sorry if I got it wrong!  Continue reading “Top 5 Characters I Would Not Bring Into a Haunted House”

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First-Impressions: Kingdom of Ash

Image result for kingdom of ashI’m on Chapter 21 and I’m only 17% through. I don’t think words can effectively describe and express the feelings coursing through me right now.

I had forgotten my love for this series. This series introduced me to YA fantasy, and has thus introduced me to a whirlwind of amazing books that have revolutionised my reading and thus, changed me as well because what you read is a personal thing, it affects us all.

I’m so, so glad I decided to read this despite my hesitations over the off-putting romance (although I skip it). Because there are a thousand messages that this series brings, which I think are worth knowing. Continue reading “First-Impressions: Kingdom of Ash”


The Secret to Writing & My Writing Situation

Hello everyone!!

Now the past few months I’ve focused solely on reading books on this blog. Which is strange because I had initially intended for this blog to be about reading and writing. But the thing is, my writing had been slacking significantly so there wasn’t much I had to say about it… Continue reading “The Secret to Writing & My Writing Situation”