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First-Impressions: Flame in the Mist

Image result for a flame in the mistLast night, despite all of the many books I’ve already started, I decided to start a new one. Woohoo. This one, I just couldn’t resist, to be honest. I saw it on OverDrive, and then I looked it up on Goodreads, and wow those reviews were stunning. So obviously, I borrowed it immediately  and dove right in.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t that. I thought it would be more of a political story where Mariko needs to try and survive in the politics of court and everything. Okay, fine, I obviously didn’t read all of the synopsis, I just read it now and am shook. The author just took it all one whopping step further. 

I was drawn in immediately by the prologue, and by the first chapter I was officially hooked. The first thing that struck me was
the writing. It is absolutely gorgeous! It all flows really nicely, and the words go together really well. I love the culture of this book, and all the beautiful names. I love how we’re introduced to the main character. And I LOVE the main character.

She’s SO ORIGINAL in the world of fantasy! She isn’t one of those Marie-sues who, yes, I’ve lived a princess my whole life but now I’m just going to pick up a sword and fight like a trained warrior. No, and I love that! Realistic character development – yes!

I don’t even think I’ll mind the romance as I usually do if the book continues to be this good. There’s apparently romance, but “not romantic”?! Excuse me, I didn’t think that was possibly in YA?! I’m all about badass female characters, so yes, I am super excited for this one. I’m only two chapters into it so far, and as you can probably tell, eagerly awaiting the rest.

Let me know your thoughts on this book from the synopsis if you haven’t read it, and the book on the whole if you have. And also, is the cover not BEAUTIFUL?!! I’m in love already. 😍

Speak soon!

9 thoughts on “First-Impressions: Flame in the Mist”

  1. IKR I ENDED UP GIVING IT FIVE STARS!!! 🎉🎉🎉 I know it’s gorgeeousssss! Lol that’s how it is… at first. Or romantic but not the fluffy type if you know what I mean 😂

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