top 5 cosy fall reads – Sept 25

It is once again – another Top 5 Tuesday! Hurrah! Today’s topic is top 5 “cosy fall reads” and to be honest I’ve never really had “cosy fall reads” in the sense where I’ve considered my book as such a cosy read and all… but this time I put a bit of thought into it, and have narrowed down 5 books which I think are ideal fall reads – and I talk a lot about YA on this blog so I decided to put all classics on this list instead

Anne of the Island and Anne of Windy Poplars by L M Montgomery

Image result for anne of green gables seriesTo be honest, any Anne of Green Gables book, for me, is suited for fall – as they all give me cosy vibes (except for maybe Rainbow Valley). Anne of the Island and Anne of Windy Poplars especially give me such comfortable vibes and since it’s an “Anne” book I of course always enjoy it immensely. Reading about this young girl’s life is something that brings a warmth that no other book really can. 

An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott

Image result for an old fashioned girl

This book also gives me really cosy, warm and fall vibes – the actual book is so sweet and just such an enjoyable read.

I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly “light” read as it does deal with some important topics, I think, but combined with Louisa May Alcott’s lyrical writing – together is a lovely book which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading multiple times.

I also generally tend to reread this book (on random) during autumn/winter time anyway!

Emily of New Moon by L M Montgomery

Related image

Another gorgeous, warm, light, friendly and intriguing read by L M Montgomery, which is always a pleasure to dive into, and which especially gives me fall vibes.

The Blue Castle by L M Montgomery

Image result for the blue castle

I do not talk about this book enough! It’s such a lovely amazing beautiful read I literally do not know how else to describe and express how much I love this book and how much you should read it if you haven’t already!

This book is more of a comedy to me than anything else – it has made me laugh more than any other classic I have ever read – which is a lot since Huckleberry Finn made me laugh a lot too.

I was basically doubling over with laugher throughout the whole book and I was SO disappointed when it ended! This book will ensure you have an entertaining fall!

Hope you enjoy these books, speak soon!

14 thoughts on “top 5 cosy fall reads – Sept 25”

  1. Gah, I love aaaaall of these books!! Totally agree – they definitely give me ‘cozy vibes’!! Basically all of LM Alcott and LM Montgomery’s stuff does though…


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