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Reading Schedules Are Impossible

Hey everyone! This post is on why it took me so long to read Lifel1k3 and why that might be the same for Children of Blood and Bone, despite the insane hype surrounding both of these books and despite the fact that Lifel1k3 totally lived up to the hype for me…

I started reading Lifelike after I finished The Cruel Prince (aka a hundred million years ago) but the format I was reading it on really put me off and I wasn’t really drawn into the story within the first few pages and I had other books I was more interested in getting into so I dropped it.

Then after a few weeks a couple more bloggers I followed read it and raved about it, which shoved me into purchasing it on Kindle and I saved it (aka procrastinated) for the plane journey I had to embark on, but I ended up starting This Savage Song instead (aka further procrastinating) and it took me two weeks to get that over with.

After that I realised I still had an amazon voucher left so I then purchased some new books on my Kindle (including Children of Blood and Bone, which, as we all know, has received an insane amount of hype) and as a result I got super excited and it was like,Β it’s time, it might start off slow, but the hype cannot be for nothing… and it wasn’t!!

So then as soon as I finished Lifelike I started Children of Blood and Bone. I haven’t finished the first chapter yet. And the truth is… like with Lifelike, I’m just not that into it. I know I need to give it more time, but I’ve started Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, and now I know I probably won’t get to Children of Blood and Bone until after I’ve finished that trilogy… which is suffice to say I’m liking it (Clockwork Angel I mean :D).

So… yeah. This is just an explanation if you saw my August TBR and am wondering how long it will take me to get to that book – then here is the answer – and I sadly might not finish it in August, therefore completely “failing” my TBR – well there’s a reason I don’t usually do TBRs πŸ˜€

But anyways, I’m still reading and will be reviewing, so look out for new books hitting this blog! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Reading Schedules Are Impossible”

  1. I’m such a mood reader, I’m always abandoning books too… I left Children of blood and bone after 60 pages I think… don’t know when I’ll get to it again 😊😊

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