Why I Love Blogging

I’ve published over 130 posts on this blog, and I started in October 2017. I’ve been blogging for 11 months.

It ties in with what I blog about. The other day I posted about why I love reading, so if you haven’t read that already feel free to 🙂 If you love what you blog about, and you love writing posts, then together – blogging should be an enjoyable experience, right? Continue reading “Why I Love Blogging”


Favourite YA Fantasy Authors #1

Hey everyone and welcome back to another post!

Today I’m going to be chatting with you all about some of my favourite YA fantasy authors because there are just too many not to talk about and hey, I might even split this up into several posts because *gulp* we have a lot to get down to! I’m going to get to the obvious ones first… Continue reading “Favourite YA Fantasy Authors #1”

Book Reviews

WWW Wednesday – 29 Aug

What am I currently reading?

Image result for clockwork princessDo you know why I’m still reading this? Because this book is possibly the biggest disappointment ever! I’m 61% through. Allow me to elaborate.

Firstly, the descriptions are really annoying me. They just go on and on and on and stretch over two to three pages. It’s just too much. I’m sorry to say, I’ve actually started skipping some descriptions because, as I’ve said, it’s really beginning to get on my nerves. I wish Cassandra would just get to the point here, as not only are there loads of descriptions, but everything keeps on dragging. On and on. Like seriously.  Continue reading “WWW Wednesday – 29 Aug”