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Why More Islamic-Fic Is So Important (to me!)

Ever since I was a seven-year-old girl with my growing interest and love for reading, I have been looking for Islamic-fiction. At that age, unfortunately, there weren’t many Islamic-fiction books out there, like Seven is Special. I just couldn’t find anything, my mum couldn’t find anything, and neither could any of my other friends.

It’s not about anything but the desire to be able to genuinely relate to a character in a book, by having something so significant in common as the same religion, the same beliefs – and a character portrayed in an Islamically inspiring way.

At this present time, there are thankfully a bit more books out there, though mostly in the YA genre. But I still find the issue when coming across books where I don’t feel Muslim characters are portrayed well enough. 

These reasons are the major cause as to why I have been wanting to and trying to write Islamic-fiction (and also because I love writing) for the past few years now (and I might even make another post about how writing Islamic-fiction is difficult, let me know in the comments if you’d like a post on that).

So in summary this post is to say why Islamic-fiction is so important to me, and why there should be more Islamic-fiction. To all Muslims out there, if you have a budding story in your mind, if you think you can do it, please do – pen an Islamic-fiction story for the young generation of today to be able to read, enjoy, relate to, and find inspiring characters (and also relatable) characters.

Also, if you have any Islamic-fiction recommendations please let me know for I am constantly on the lookout for them! 🙂

Speak soon!

7 thoughts on “Why More Islamic-Fic Is So Important (to me!)”

  1. Have you read Saints and Misfits by S. K. Ali (YA)? It has great Muslim rep. I also liked An Acquaintance by Saba Syed (YA) and The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi (middle grade).

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  2. You’re absolutely right about Muslims writing books that reflect our experiences. This is why like you’ve stated Muslim/Islamic fiction is so important. In my humble opinion there are a few things that hamper that effort though.

    1) The lack of major Muslim publishing houses: There are a multitude of smaller Muslim publishers, but they often lack the resources to rival major mainstream publishers. They have a limited roster and can’t really do much to support the authors in the growth, or provide them with a large enough readership. I often wonder why instead of having all these small publishers (with one or a few people as staff), they can’t all put their resources together to become one major publishing house.

    2) Muslim authors are mostly relying on self-publishing, which means they don’t have a machine behind them to do the necessary advertisement, and give their books a wide release. There books are available on amazon, but depending on the author, they vary greatly in quality, and I’m not just talking about the story here, some of them seem to be lacking basic editing as well. Without a good editor, most books would lack in quality. There is also the problem of over-representation and under-representation in the Muslim fiction. Children’s books, Romance, and YA are the 3 genres that are greatly over-represented, but you’ll hardly get anything else.

    3) The limited readership of this genre makes it hard for Muslim authors to be able to live off their writing. A lot of Muslims are avid readers, but not all of them are looking for Muslim fiction. So, the limited readership can at times discourage people from putting in the work and time to write a story that will most likely never get more than a few readers.

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  3. You are 100% right. I would like to add most of the mainstream Islamic publishers focus mainly on non-fiction, and so it is harder to get your manuscript into them. A long-term goal of mine, is to set up an Islamic publishing house, and to welcome and encourage everyone to write an Islamic-fic story, and with the help of a lot of editing, to hopefully produce some fantastic Islamic-fic stories inshallah. Jazakallahukhair for your thoughtful comment 💞

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  4. I was going to read Saints and Misfits, but when I read in a review that she was almost raped by a Muslim boy and that she curled her hair and didn’t wear hijab at a gym cos her crush was going to be there…. I decided the book really wasn’t for me. I’m all for flawed characters, but actually good Muslim teenagers exist too, and I would like to have them more accurately represented in modern Islamic-fiction. Jazakallahukhair for the recommendations, but I don’t think An Acquaintance is for me, as I generally can’t stand an Islamic-fic romance, but thank you so much 💞

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