Na’ima B. Robert Writing Course!

Hello, or asalamualaikum (translation from Arabic: may peace be with you), everyone!

Today I’m going to be sharing something I am so so excited about! If you’ve read my Ramadan Readathon Tag and other Islamic-Fiction posts I’ve done on this blog, you know I absolutely love Na’ima B. Robert as an Islamic-fiction author, being an especial fan of her She Wore Red Trainers which I remember devouring in one day at the airport around this time last year!

So Na’ima B. Robert is actually doing a writing course starting this summer for young Muslim writers, and I’m doing it too! The course starts next week, and there are still 10 more places available, so if you’re a young Muslim writer, I highly recommend you join in, because it sounds really beneficial – and of course – lots of fun.

This is apart of the email I received on her, filling me in on what the course is about, and I just want to share it with you all to give you a better jist of what this course is about:

“Before the course begins, you will received an email with a welcome pack for the student which will include a welcome letter from me, a short online questionnaire so that they can tell me a bit more about themselves, and a workbook.

On Monday of each week, I will be sharing an instructional video on the topic of that week’s activities. The students should go through the workbook alongside the videos, to make it easier for them to take notes and prepare for their weekly assignments.

If an assignment is due to be shared with me (not all of them are), they should be sent in by end of Friday of that week. This is so I have enough time to review their work before the next lesson, insha Allah. (which means ‘if God wills’ in Arabic 🙂 )

The goal of the course is to make the students more thoughtful in their reading choices, more regular with their writing practise and to level up their creative writing skills in all the major areas: setting, character, plot and storytelling technique.”

Click here to access the website, watch an introduction video, and sign up! Also, here is a screenshot of the outline of the writing course from the Summer Writing Course website:

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 09.49.33.png

As you can probably tell, I’m really excited to do this because I’ve been struggling with writer’s block since… well, January? If you’ve read my personal experience with writing post, you’d know more about that 🙂

If you’re participating, I hope you find this beneficial!

Speak soon!

4 thoughts on “Na’ima B. Robert Writing Course!”

  1. This sounds amazing!! I don’t think it’ll fit into my budget though because I have to pay for class textbooks, a camera, not to mention that I still want to save up money for the coming year. Ugh, I wish I could participate so badly!!! Good luck to you on this though! Let me know what it’s like. Wish you all the best!

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  2. Okay, thank you! Yeah, I got it in the form of an Eid present from my dad 😀 I’ll let you know how it is! And the same for you with your Islamic-fic story – I totally get how hard it is to write Islamic-fic 🙂

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  3. Granted that I have the whole writing-process-flow after this 😀 I’ve had writer’s block for a reaallyyy long time!


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