Ramadan Readathon Book Tag #RamadanReadathon

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog. Ramadan Mubarak! (I know it’s a bit late but… it’s still Ramadan 🙂 ) Today I’m doing the Ramadan Readathon Book Tag created by Amna at the YA Book Corner! I also saw this tag on done by Muslim Reads and by Nadia at Headscarves and Hardbacks, so those are also some lovely tags you can check out too. Thank you to Amna for creating this tag because it is a great idea!

Mirrors and Windows: Name a book you felt represented you or that you were able to relate to

For me, that book is Seven is Special by Shagufta Malik. I know the main character is seven years old, and this is a children’s book, but I can relate to it as to when I was a seven year old, so I think that still counts! You can check out my review for this book here.

My Muslim Hero/Heroine: Name your favourite Muslim character and explain why

My favourite Muslim character is Amirah from She Wore Red Trainers by Na’ima B. Robert. This is because I just generally think she’s a really great person and I love how she had her own personal struggles with her religion in doing the right thing, but it worked out so ideally in the end. You can check out my review for She Wore Red Trainers here (fun fact it was actually my first review on this blog so bear with me on the formatting!).

Patience is a Virtue: Name your most anticipated read by a Muslim author

Okay, so Footsteps by Umm Zakiyyah is a book that I’ve been wanting to read for the longest of times, ever since I finished A Voice. However, I feel it’s a bit advanced for me yet, and is geared more towards adults than teens, so despite my love for the first two books in this series, I’m going to wait a bit before I read this 🙂

Muslim Scribe: Name your Favourite Muslim Author

This is super hard. I can’t pick!! My top favourites would be Shagufta Malik and Na’ima B. Robert.

The Muslim’s Shelf: Recommend one book by a Muslim author that everyone should read

Ahh this is hard. I’d say From My Sisters’ Lips by Na’ima B. Robert. Okay, I know it’s a really long read, and it does get a bit rambly at times, but the message of this book is so, so important. It is altogether beautiful!

So that is my Ramadan Readathon book tag, I hope you all enjoyed it! 🙂 What is your favourite Islamic-fiction book?

Speak to you all soon!

4 thoughts on “Ramadan Readathon Book Tag #RamadanReadathon”

  1. Thanks for the pingback! I can’t believe I’ve only ever read Na’ima B. Robert’s children’s books. It looks like that’s something I need to rectify immediately!

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