Poem – Something Calls

Hey guys!

In today’s post, I’m going to be doing something a little different to my other posts. I’m going to be sharing one of my poems with you 🙂

Now this poem is something I wrote a year or two back when I had just started getting into the jist of poetry. It recently got published in a book, chosen in the Young Writer’s Busta Rhyme competition.

The poem is called Something Calls. It is completely fictitious, like I didn’t write this because of any first-hand experiences or anything.

Here it is, and I hope you guys like it, please let me know if you do and if you would like to see more of my poetry/writing on this blog, as I may very well do so 🙂

Something Calls

Something calls to me,

From far, and beyond,

Upon this land,

Across that pond.


Something whispers,

A shiver crawls,

An ancient twitter,

A stretching drawl.


Something watches,

My every move,

It somehow knows me,

My every groove.

Even when torches,

Are shining bright,

I fee there is something,

Hiding, in the night.


Something hears me,

My warning cry,

As it echoes along,

The forest, dry.


Something knows me,

And understands,

Something is wrong,

In these misty lands.


It scatters along,

It hurries clear,

From the beauty,

Of the morning air.


It comes to rescue me,

It comes from far,

I hear the call,

Across the evening marr.

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